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Essay on Coronavirus in English | Covid-19 Essay For Students

Essay on Coronavirus in English | Covid-19 Essay For Students

Essay on Coronavirus in EnglishThe year 2020 stopped the whole world and imprisoned people in their homes. The cause was an infectious disease called coronavirus (COVID-19). This disease frightened all the countries of the world and forced people to change their lifestyles.No country remains untouched by this disease.

Due to the dense population in India, this infectious coronavirus (COVID-19) disease was feared to spread rapidly and the disease became a concern. 

For this reason, on 23 March 2020, the Government of India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared a nationwide lockdown for 21 days.

But this lockdown is still in operation in the year 2021.

Essay on Coronavirus in English

Coronavirus (COVID-19) was a new disease for the world in the year 2020, due to which there was no medicine on it and nothing was properly known about its symptoms. Therefore, along with the whole world, India also ordered a lockdown to curb this infectious disease.

To protect people from this contagious disease, the Indian government ordered that all private and public transport companies should stop their services immediately. All government and non-government offices, schools, and other public undertakings were closed indefinitely. The aim was that this infectious disease should not be spread amongst people so much that it will be difficult to control.

The Indian government announced that every person needed to be wearing a mask in public places. No one should be left their house without any necessary work. Information was given to all government and non-government hospitals, medical personnel, doctors, and employees to be prepared to deal with this contagious disease.

The central government had realized this impending crisis and understood the ill effects caused by this coronavirus (COVID-19) disease in other countries.

coronavirus in India

Essay on Coronavirus in English

The Central Government’s assessment proved to be correct and this coronavirus (COVID-19) disease started spreading in the country. This disease afflicted more than one crore of Indians, but our medical staff and doctors cured them with tireless service and hard work without worrying about their own lives.

So far, more than 25 lakh people have died in the countries of the world due to this coronavirus (COVID-19) disease. In India, more than 1.5 lakh people have died due to this disease. By this, you can understand that if this disease is not treated in time, it can prove to be fatal.

If treated on time, this coronavirus (COVID-19) disease can be easily cured like other diseases. The government has especially opened Corona medical Facilitation Centers everywhere for this disease.

If a potential person gets his checkup done here in time, he can easily recover. The government also repeatedly appeals to the country’s people about this.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in 2021

Essay on Coronavirus in English

Today, in the year 2021, this disease is seen to be somewhat under control, the main reason for this is the doctors of our hospital, the medical staff, urgent service personnel, and the police. They tried their best & work hard day and night to save the people of the country from this infectious disease called ‘corona’. They have been successful in this endeavor.

To save people of the country from coronavirus (COVID-19) disease, many doctors, medical staff, urgent service personnel, and police have also died due to coronavirus infection. But still, they did not leave their work.

Essay on Coronavirus in English

To appreciate these corona warriors’ spirit of dedication towards country and countrymen the Prime Minister of India Shri. Narendra Modiji and all the countrymen express gratitude, greeted these Corona warriors, and appreciated their work.

Even though coronavirus (COVID-19) disease seems to be decreasing in the year 2021, but we have to remember that this is a contagious disease and it can be spread again anytime. It came back in many countries again.

Doctors believe that for the next 4-5 years, this disease is going to stay with humans, so we need to be cautious. To avoid this disease, we have to follow strictly each of the rules declared by the government.

What is coronavirus?

Essay on Coronavirus in English

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.

Most people infected with the coronavirus (COVID-19) experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and they recover it without the need for special medical treatment. This means that many corona patients are easily cured by the medicines of doctors; they do not require any special medical treatment.

Older people and the peoples who suffer from diseases like heart disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer, if they are infected with this coronavirus (COVID-19) disease, then this disease can take a serious form in them.

The corona (COVID-19) virus is mainly spread through droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Therefore a handkerchief must be placed on the mouth while coughing or sneezing.

Everyone must wear a mask to avoid corona (COVID-19) virus infection. You should wash your hands regularly. Do not touch your face or mask frequently. 


(WHO)World Health Organisation

Essay on Coronavirus in English

WHO is an International organization which is working in the world health systems sector, World Health Organization has let a few facts about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease. Whose information is very important to everyone:-

➡ People should not wear masks while exercising because masks can reduce the ability to breathe comfortably. Sweating can wet the mask which makes it difficult to breathe and promotes the growth of microorganisms.

➡ The COVID-19 virus does not transmit through the water while swimming. However, the virus spreads between people when someone has close contact with an infected person.

➡ Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is caused by a virus, not by bacteria. The virus that causes COVID-19 is called Coronaviridae (Coronaviridae). Antibiotics do not work against viruses.

💡 Some people who become ill with COVID-19 can also develop a bacterial infection as a complication. In this case, antibiotics may be recommended by a health care provider.

💡 There is currently no licensed medication to cure COVID-19.

➡ Most people who are infected with Coronavirus disease recover from this disease. Most people have mild or moderate symptoms, which are cured after getting medical help. If you have a cough, fever, and difficulty breathing, seek medical treatment early.

➡ Drinking alcohol does not protect you from COVID-19. On the contrary, drinking alcohol is increases problem for your health.

Hot peppers in your soup or in food, cannot prevent or cure COVID-19. The best way to protect yourself against the new coronavirus is to keep at least 1 meter away from others and to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly.

➡ Coronavirus ( Coronavirus) disease is not spread through houseflies. The virus that causes COVID-19 spreads primarily through droplets generated when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or speaks. You can also become infected by touching a contaminated surface and then touching your eyes, nose, or mouth before washing your hands.

➡ Being able to hold your breath for 10 seconds or more without coughing or feeling discomfort DOES NOT mean you are free from COVID-19.

➡ The COVID-19 virus CANNOT be spread through mosquito bites.

➡ Eating garlic does not prevent coronavirus ( COVID-19) disease.

➡ People of all ages can be infected by the COVID-19 virus. Older people and people with pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and heart disease appear to be more vulnerable to becoming severely ill with the virus.

➡ Taking a hot bath does not prevent COVID-19.

➡ Exposing yourself to the sun or temperatures higher than 25°C DOES NOT protect you from COVID-19. Cold weather and snow CANNOT kill the COVID-19 virus.
The COVID-19 virus can spread in hot and humid climates.

➡ The best way to protect yourself against the coronavirus ( COVID-19) is to maintain a physical distance of at least 1 meter from others and wash your hands often. By doing this, you can eliminate the virus on your hands and avoid infection. Keep rooms well ventilated, avoiding crowds, and coughing into a bent elbow or tissue.

➡ Masks should be used as part of a comprehensive strategy of measures to suppress transmission and save lives; the use of a mask alone is not sufficient to provide an adequate level of protection against COVID-19.

💡 Here are the basics of how to wear a mask:

➡ Clean your hands before you put your mask on, as well as before and after you take it off.

➡ Make sure it covers both your nose, mouth, and chin.

➡ When you take off a mask, store it in a clean plastic bag, and every day either wash it if it’s a fabric mask or dispose of a medical mask in a trash bin.

➡ Don’t use masks with valves.

➡ If you touch your eyes, mouth, and nose or masks repeatedly without washing your hands, there is a possibility of infection of coronavirus ( COVID-19).

India’s indigenous coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine

Essay on Coronavirus in English

Scientists and doctors all over the world were trying to prepare a vaccine for coronavirus (COVID-19) disease from the year 2020. Indian doctors and scientists are also busy with the same task.

The talented scientists and doctors of our country have succeeded in making an affordable indigenous vaccine in the year 2021, which can prevent the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease.

The Prime Minister of our country, Shri. Narendra Modi has announced that this vaccine will be given to each person in the country.

The corona vaccine (vaccine) has been created, it does not mean that the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease will now be eliminated from the world. This battle is long, the doctors say that this disease is going to stay with humans for the next 4-5 years.

We have to fight against this coronavirus (COVID-19) contagious disease and defeat it by following all the rules, and make our country a healthy and powerful nation.

😯 Read here about coronavirus (Covid19)

 ➡ (World Health Organisation)



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